An exercise in perspective...

December 10, 2018

A photo showing the Milky Way galaxy.


Hi guys!

If, like me, you wake up some mornings and your day starts to unravel almost as soon as it starts... maybe you stub your toe, or miss the bus, or your car won't start, or the traffic sucks, or you're late for work, or you spill your coffee on your shirt, or you have a fight with your partner about absolutely nothing, or you go to buy something and your card is rejected because you're out of money and payday is still a week away... here is a gentle reminder that no matter how big your problems might seem to you in the moment, they really aren't worth worrying about in the context of the Big Scheme of Things.

And by "in the context of the Big Scheme of Things", I mean in the context of who you TRULY are... namely, an immortal and divine being who is having a fleeting human experience for the express purpose of generating love consciousness, so that the Source (ie, "God") can be conscious of who and what it is (ie, pure love).

But because we don't always remember who we are and why we are here, I have gathered a few facts about the universe we find our Self in to help you put your worries into proper perspective...

► Earth is just one of 50 billion planets in our little galaxy, the Milky Way

 Of these 50,000,000,000 planets, as many as 500 million of them are located approximately the same distance from their sun as we are from ours. Scientists call this the “habitable zone” – in other words, it is the perfect temperature to sustain life.

 Now consider that the Milky Way is just one of approximately two trillion (2,000,000,000,000) galaxies in the Observable Universe. (And who's to say how many more are "out there" that we aren't yet able to see?)

 That means there are about 1 billion trillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) planets in the Observable Universe that are capable of sustaining life similar to that here on Earth.

 So you tell me... are we alone?

*  *  *

Now let's look at the size of the universe we find our Self in...

To do this, we need to wrap our minds around the concept of the speed of light, which is the only way we can measure the size of the universe because it is so insanely BIG!

 The first thing to realise about light is that when it decides to go somewhere, it doesn't fuck about. In fact, it travels at a staggering 300,000km per second... which is approximately 1 billion kilometres an hour.

 To give your mind an accurate image of how fast that is, imagine you could bend a beam of light around the Earth. Now imagine you are standing on the roof of your house, or your apartment block, and you turn on a laser torch and shine it out in front of you. The light from your laser torch will travel right around the planet and come up behind you to shine a little white dot on the back of your neck in just 0.13 of a second… about the time it takes you to blink.

► Now consider this: Your little beam of light would reach the Moon in just one second. And it would reach the Sun – which is 150 million kilometres away – in just 8 minutes.

 And yet, even travelling at that mind-boggling speed, it would take a staggering 46 billion years for your torch’s little beam of light to reach the edge of the Observable Universe.

 That’s 10 times longer than the Earth has existed, and three times longer than the universe itself has existed!

 What’s more, the universe is said to be expanding so rapidly that by the time your little beam of light got there, it would be further away from the edge of the universe than it was when it started.

*  *  *

To help you put all this into perspective, here is a link to a video compiled by some seriously pointy-headed astrophysicists at The American Museum of Natural History showing the true size of the Observable Universe.

(You may have seen it before, but it's worth watching again in the context of what we are talking about here today.)

Click HERE to watch the video.

*  *  *

So, now you can come back down off your roof.

Go to the bathroom.

Look in the mirror.

And ask your Self:  “How much does what I am worried about REALLY matter?” 

*  *  *

And the moral of this story is...
Have a GREAT day, my fellow astral traveller, because the truth (as exposed by these few basic astrophysical facts) is that the universe is not physically possible.

Therefore it isn't real.

And if it isn't real, then neither are your problems.

Besides, if you wear it with enough aplomb, who's to say you won't start a new fashion trend... and before you know it, everyone will be paying top dollar for shirts with coffee stains on them??!!

Thank you for reading.

I love you.

I urge you to love your Self.

And may the Source be with you... every step of the way!

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