'The Matrix' is very real... and it has you in its grasp!

November 30, 2018

The Matrix green code

(My brand new book Messages From Your Self  tells you how)


 The fictional Matrix in the movie of the same name is a false COMPUTER-based reality created by the all-powerful A.I. machines who rule the planet.  Its purpose is to keep humans in bondage so they generate bio-electricity to make the machines work.

The “real world” Matrix is a false FEAR-based reality created by the all-powerful Fat Controllers who rule the planet (the politicians, the corporations, the churches and the media).  Its purpose is to keep us humans in bondage so they generate money to make the Fat Controllers rich.

This is not some fanciful conspiracy theory. It doesn’t matter whether you choose to believe the Fear Matrix is a conscious and deliberate plan by the Fat Controllers to keep us afraid – and therefore easier to control – or whether you believe it is just an inevitable consequence of the capitalist system, which makes the rich richer and the poor poorer.

The result is the same… and I assure you it is VERY REAL.

*   *   *


The only way to break free is to “WAKE UP”… which involves five steps:

1. You must wake up to the fact that you are not just a carbon-based life form, but a spirit living inside a carbon-based life form. In other words, you are a spirit having a human experience… not a human having a spiritual experience.

2. You must wake up to the fact that you are not separate from everyone else, but the same as them… because they are pure love too. We are all one, we are all love, and we are all spirit.

3. You must open your “real eyes”. These are the ones that look inside your Self for the answers you seek, rather than looking “out there” in the so-called real world.

4. You must real-eyes that you are the co-creator of your life. You make everything happen (yes even the allegedly “bad” things; they are lessons) because your Self chose your Life Path before it incarnated inside your body.

5. You must kill your ego, which is not, as many people think, your sense of being “better than”… but is actually your sense of being “separate from”. This process happens naturally afrer you wake up, because your Self’s voice (in your heart) gets louder and reminds (re-minds) you what you came here to do… ie, what your sole (soul) purpose This is the first step towards breaking free from the Fear Matrix.

(Note: Please real-eyes I am not playing with these words just for the fun of it. I want you to see how the words you use, like the questions you ask your Self, are the building blocks that create your perception of “reality” and determine the quality of your “human experience”... otherwise known as your “life”.)

*    *    *

If you haven’t woken up yet, it is by far the most profound and significant moment of your life. If you have already woken up, you know exactly what I’m talking about. It is the moment you start unplugging from all the fear that your ego has been feeding you.

I call it the “Neo moment”. If you have seen the film The Matrix, you have seen the perfect metaphor for your life. And if you haven’t seen it, I urge you to do so because it will help you form a clear picture of how this process of “waking up” works.

In the film, the hero, Neo, wakes up when he unplugs from a computer program called “the Matrix” to discover he has been the slave of intelligent machines that rule the world and have devised a way to keep humans in a comatose state while they produce the bio-electricity the machines need to function.

He is so shocked by the experience that he vomits. And you probably will too, because when you wake up you will see that you have also been plugged into a Matrix and have been a slave… not to a bunch of prescient machines, but to fear.

*    *    *

How did it happen?
As you grew up from a baby, to a child, to a teenager and finally to an adult, you “made up your mind” about two things: your identity, and the nature of the world around you.

And unless you were evolved enough to choose to be born into a family that has already unplugged from the Fear Matrix, you would have been conditioned from an early age to believe you were separate, and that the world is a dangerous and competitive place.

You would have created your “Separate Identity” based on your name, your gender, your nationality, your social standing, your looks, the colour of your skin, your thoughts, your beliefs (and those of your parents)… as well as your formative experiences, many of which were painful and therefore caused you to become afraid of being hurt again.

With your Separate Identity came your ego (your sense of separateness). And with every painful experience, big and small, your ego grew stronger and stronger to protect you from your two biggest fears: the fear of getting hurt (“the world is a dangerous place”) and the fear of not being good enough (“the world is a competitive place”).

After you muddled through puberty and experienced your first romantic heartbreak and the competitive cauldron of school, your sense of being “separate” (and therefore vulnerable) became so strong that you began filtering almost every experience through your ego in your head (fear)… and almost nothing through your Self in your heart (love).

Once you reached that point, it was only a matter of time before you started buying into the fear being fed to you every single day by your parents (“be careful”), your classmates at school (“If you don’t fit in you’ll get bashed”), your teachers (“if you don’t pass these exams your life will be ruined”), the media (“violence and danger are everywhere”), the banks (“money is the secret to happiness”), the advertisers (“buy this and you’ll be happy”), the politicians (“we’ll keep you safe” – Excuse me?! Safe from what, exactly?) and the churches (“believe in us or you will go straight to hell when you die”).

Is it any wonder the Fear Matrix gets you?

*    *    *

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