Welcome... to the new you!

November 18, 2018

Welcome... to the new you!

HELLO and welcome to my shiny new Happiness Blog, where at the beginning of every week - starting in the New Year - I will be sharing with you the very latest techniques for breaking through all your limiting beliefs about you you think you are and what you think you are capable of achieving... all mixed in with a healthy dose of humour to keep you smiling throughout your coming working (and playing!) week.

Every Monday morning in 2019 and beyond I will post new, entertaining and life-changing information designed to transform every area of your life:  your health, your happiness, your career, your finances and your relationships... with your partner, your friends, your business customers and colleagues, with your children (if you have them), and - of course - with your Self.

Above all, I want to share with you my life's work (all 59 years of it... and counting, Mr Bond!), which has been devoted to helping people like you discover and then LIVE your life's Highest Purpose.

After all, it is only when we fully understand WHY we are here – in other words, what we came here in this lifetime to do – that we are able to unlock the door to our TRUE happiness.

*   *   *

Make no mistake. We're not talking about conditional happiness here, which is based on what you earn, what you have, who you love, or who loves you, and can therefore be snatched away from you in a heartbeat.

True happiness comes only when you open your "real eyes" and see the truth of your existence for the first time... namely, that you are a divine being having a human experience (rather than the other way around), and no harm can ever come to you because you are pure, perfect love.

Everyone who is still asleep (ie, their "real eyes" are still closed) needs a REASON to be happy... whether it's a new outfit, a new love, a new job, or maybe just buying the latest iPhone, iCar or iHouse. But with this weekly blog, you are going to learn how to be UNREASONABLY happy all the time... even when the brown stuff that comes out the back of cows hits one of those whirring things that keep us cool in summer.

The truth is... life is a magnificent trip! It’s a playground, a funfair and a classroom all rolled into one. So even when "shit" happens and we feel overwhelmed, or lonely, or lost – even those apparently challenging moments are, in fact, wonderful opportunities for us to learn and grow.

Opportunities, in fact, for us to expand out of fear... AND INTO LOVE.

*   *   *


We are the creators of our own reality, and we do it with our thoughts.

Sometimes our thoughts are positive, and so we manifest positive experiences. But sadly, often our thoughts are based on fear, rather than love, in which case we are guaranteed to manifest that fear as a result of focusing on it.

If this is our mindset, it doesn't matter whether we know our life purpose or not – we are simply not going to be energised enough to achieve it.

Which is why my secondary goal for this Happiness Blog is to install positive thoughts in your head, right from the moment you wake up and leap out of bed every Monday morning to enjoy your day with a belly full of energy and a focused determination to make the week ahead better than the one before.

*   *   *

I'm sure you agree that the way we start our week usually determines how the next seven days pan out for us... which is why we need to make sure we get off on the right foot (or the left foot if, like me, you are left-footed!)

It's also why I am going to annoy the hell out of my wife by bouncing excitedly out of our snuggly bed at the crack of dawn every Monday morning to share with you the secret to LASTING happiness and get you pumped up and raring to go.

I am calling this weekly series of weekly morning blogs Breakfast For Your Mind, and they will go far beyond traditional bacon, eggs and coffee (or kumquat yoghurt and organic alfalfa juice... depending on your dietary choices).

Your Monday Breakfast For Your Mind will be a sumptuous, five-course “emotional meal” designed to prepare you for your week and start you off feeling not just great... but ABSOLUTELY UNSTOPPABLE and ready to make a difference in your life, and in the lives of those you love.

And if you want to receive the blog post direct to your email inbox - to save you logging on each week - all you have to do is subscribe to my weekly newsletter. The easy-to-complete form is at the bottom of this page *
*   *   *

As 2018 fades into the past and 2019 looms large over the horizon, this is the perfect time to turn over a bunch of new leaves and make some positive and LASTING changes to our lives.


The first Breakfast For Your Mind will be served on Monday January 7. So please put this not-to-be-missed date in your diary right this very second... and get ready for the best breakfast you've ever tasted: .

Until then, stay happy, stay hungry... and may the Source (sauce) be with you!


(Please feel free to leave comments or questions below. I will endeavour to reply to all of them promptly. Please also share this blog with your family and friends. And please start right now, at this very moment, loving your Self… and LOVING YOUR LIFE!)


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(* Please note that every time someone subscribes to our weekly blog newsletter, we donate $1 to animal rescue charities to help find safe and loving homes for abandoned pets on death row.)

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