Numerology reading: Life Path 5


AS an inquisitive and fun-loving Rebel 5, you have come into the world bristling with energy, curiosity and a burning desire to make your mark. You are quick-witted and intelligent, pursuing knowledge and experience with a passionate desire to find out all there is to know about life.

You are governed by the element of FIRE (action, masculine), which is highly appropriate because you hardly ever sit still and are never happier than when you are going flat out with your hair on fire.

And with the planet MERCURY (fluidity) as your astral influence, it’s easy to see why you Rebel 5s crave almost constant stimulation and value your freedom above all else.

In the positive – when you come from a place of LOVE – you are creative, courageous and highly entertaining, a lion-hearted revolutionary who wants to change the world for the better.

But in the negative – when you come from a place of FEAR – you can rush around starting numerous projects but giving up at the first sign of a setback, a true Rebel without a cause.

Your highest purpose is to fight the forces of oppression and create positive change in the world, and your central challenge is to learn that success – and therefore the freedom you crave – comes from setting a clear goal and having the discipline to work hard to achieve it.

Your mantra to live by is: “True freedom comes from within.”

* * *

When you order your detailed Life Path reading you will receive, via email, a lengthy extract from Simon’s book “Messages From Your Self” containing a total of 27 pages in A4 PDF format – all of them packed with life-changing information to guide you to your bliss and teach you how to work with the immensely powerful positive qualities of your Life Path Number 5.

Note: Your digital file can be read on any device, or you can print it out so you can consult your reading each time a new challenge arises for you.

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