Live Event: 'Effective Communication' intensive one-day business skills workshop


“The quality of our life is determined almost entirely by the quality of our communication.”       - Simon H Firth

Learn the No.1 secret to success in business... and in life 

Live EventGood verbal and written communication skills are essential for success both in business and in our career, and yet astonishingly no one is teaching them…not in school, not in business school, and certainly not in the workplace. As a result, most of us go through life never realising that the source of almost all our conflict and disappointment lies not “out there” with other people, but within us in our inability to influence others and communicate effectively what we want.

Live EventWhether it’s with your employees, your colleagues or your clients, poor communication is simply bad for business. And at home in your family life it is even worse because, instead of just costing you money, poor communication could even cost you your relationship.

The tragedy is that so many people don’t even know they have a problem with communication. They live out their lives in anger and resentment, not knowing that it could all change in just one day.

 Don’t be like them! Decide TODAY to become a Master Communicator and take your business skills and your personal life to a whole new level.

Live Event

Who is this course for?
 Anyone who is in business for themselves.
 Anyone who works for a company that deals with customers, clients or suppliers.
 Anyone who works for a boss.
 Anyone who is a manager and wants to get the best from their team.
 Anyone who wants to make more money.
 Anyone who wants to be able to influence others to do whatever they want them to do.
 Anyone who wants to master powerful subliminal techniques pioneered by hypnotists.
 Anyone who wants to master the art of public speaking.
 Anyone who wants to improve both their writing and social skills.
 Anyone who wants to be heard… which is pretty much everyone!

*  *  *

What you will learn on the day:
 How to bypass a person’s conscious mind and speak directly to their subconscious, where true influence takes place.
 The 12 secrets of Master Communicators.
 The essential skills of subliminal influence.
 How to master the art of public speaking.
 Simple but effective steps to improve your writing.
 How to resolve conflicts quickly and easily.
 The hypnotic power of anchors.
 Learn powerful techniques to perfect your telephone manner.
► A revolutionary new approach to business meetings that saves time and radically improves results.
 How to make a great impression at social and business gatherings.
 Seven easy steps to create instant and lasting rapport.
 How to handle difficult people and win them over.
 The subliminal power of non-verbal communication, and how to make your body language work for you.
 The amazing power of transformational vocabulary.
 And you’ll even learn how to sweet-talk your boss for that pay rise!

*  *  *

What you get:
 The intensive and exhilarating Effective Communication course packed into just one day.
 A FREE course reference manual for you to refer to whenever you need it.
 FREE 24/7 email access to our Communication Support Hotline for 30 days after the workshop finishes so you can get immediate answers to any questions you may have during the first crucial month of using your brand new business skills.
 An Advanced Communication Skills certificate for completing the course.

*  *  *

Spaces for this intensive and in-depth workshop are strictly limited to allow for personal one-one-one attention from Simon, and all applicants are vetted to ensure a perfect mix of participants on the day.

To avoid the dreaded "FOMO", please fill out the application form below today... and Simon, or one of his team, will get back to you by phone to answer all your questions and make sure this event is absolutely perfect for you and your business.

(Please note: This workshop may be tax deductible.)

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