Live Event: 'How to Raise a Happy Child' one-day workshop for parents and carers


“The greatest gift that you can ever give to your child is the confidence to fully express what is in their hearts.”       - Simon H Firth

Live Event

It all starts with YOU!
As a parent, the most important skill you can ever learn is effective communication... because how you talk to your child will have more of an impact on how they grow up than anything else you do.

This is especially essential during their crucial first years, when their personality is being formed and the only way they learn how to communicate is by copying you.

Live EventThe wrong messages from you at this time can set up negative beliefs in your child that will haunt them for the rest of their life.

And what about when they go to school and grow into the difficult teenage years?

It is absolutely vital that you are able to reach them at the deepest level so you can help them navigate the minefield of challenges all teenagers face: peer pressure, sex, alcohol and drugs, the search for identity and the struggle for independence.

Research shows that children who express themselves confidently not only excel at school, they excel at life! And because communication is NOT taught at school or college, if you don’t teach it to them... no one else will.

This is why the first half of this powerful workshop focuses on teaching YOU how to be a Master Communicator... and then, in the afternoon, you will learn how to teach THEM to become Master Communicators too.



Give your child the greatest gift of all... Self-love!
Live EventThere is not a parent in the world who doesn’t wish they could connect with their child on a deeper level.

And there is not a child in the world who doesn’t wish they could be better understood.

Well, it’s time to celebrate… because all these wishes are about to come true!

Not only will you learn how to truly REACH your child... you will also learn how to TEACH your child to grow up into a confident, optimistic and outgoing young adult.

And because we want both mums and dads to learn these life-changing skills, we have kept the cost of this workshop to an absolute minimum.

*  *  *

Plus, when you buy two tickets you get the second one for HALF PRICE to help you with the cost of a babysitter.

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Who is this workshop for?
 All parents with children of any age.
 Child carers, day carers, nannies and teachers (note that your ticket will be tax-deductible).
 Anyone else who works with children on a professional basis (your ticket will also be tax deductible).

*  *  *

What you will learn on the day:
 How to become a Master Communicator using skills pioneered by hypnotists.
 How to connect with your child at the deepest level, whatever their age.
 How to influence your child to be a positive force for good in the world.
 The power of questions and how to use them to resolve conflicts.
 How to enter their world and understand the way their mind works.
 The importance of Active Listening.
 How to re-frame your child’s mind so they actually learn to enjoy studying and school work.
 How to raise your child to be outgoing and optimistic.
 The 6 healing steps to turn anger into love.
 How to align with them so they always talk to you first.
 How to control the way they talk to themselves so they always have a positive “voice” inside their head.
 Above all, how to give your child the ultimate gift... Self love.

*  *  *

What you get:
 Everything you will ever need to become a Master Communicator, so you can teach your children how to be Master Communicators too.
 A FREE signed copy of Simon’s book How To Raise A Happy Child to refer to whenever you need it.
 FREE 24/7 email access to our Parental Support Hotline for 30 days after the workshop finishes so you can get immediate answers to any questions you may have during the first crucial month of your brand new life.

*  *  *

Spaces for this intimate and in-depth parenting workshop are strictly limited to allow for personal one-one-one attention from Simon, and all applicants are vetted to ensure a perfect mix of participants on the day.

To avoid the dreaded "FOMO", please fill out the application form below and Simon, or one of his team, will get back to you by phone to answer all your questions and make sure this event is perfect for you.

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