Live Event: 'Leap Into Love' two-day weekend retreat for singles and couples


“Love is always our highest calling. Without it we are empty. With it, we can soar to the stars.”       - Simon H Firth

A transformational two-day relationships workshop
Live EventLove is the source of our greatest joy. Nothing else even comes close. The trouble is it can also be the source of our most intense pain, as I’m sure you have experienced – and perhaps this is what has brought you here.

In this life-changing weekend workshop, you will learn about the TRUE nature of love and how it operates in your life — so you will never have to feel any pain associated with love ever again. You will also discover the truth about WHY you have relationships (and, no... they are not about love - they are about something else entirely), as well as what type of relationship is right for you.

This 'Course in Miracles' is for singles as well as couples
This transformational and highly entertaining weekend has been specifically designed for both singles and couples.
 If you are single at the moment, you won’t be for long when you apply what you learn at the workshop.
  And if you are already in a relationship, you will learn how to reignite the passion from those first blissful days and maintain it for the rest of your long, happy lives together.
Most important of all, you will learn how to create a deep and loving relationship with the one person who needs your love the most... YOU.

You deserve a lifetime of blissful happiness! 
Live EventCan you create your dream relationship in one weekend?
No, obviously not.

But can you learn all the skills you need to create your dream relationship AND enjoy a lifetime of love and passion with your partner in just one weekend... or your money back?

The main focus of this workshop is on “The Greatest Love of All” - Self love - because you cannot ever be loved by someone else more than you love your Self. We will also teach you the most amazingly powerful set of communication skills to ensure you never fight again.

And best of all, you will discover how to make your partner feel totally loved by you... and totally attracted to you. 

Numbers for the weekend are strictly limited to ensure a great mix of participants, and so that everyone has the time to bed down their new skills and discuss any issues that come up for them. The workshop is intimate and supportive, and personal attention is absolutely guaranteed.

Live Event

What you will learn:
 How to make your partner feel totally loved by you. AND how to make them feel totally attracted to you.
 The four types of relationship, and why only one will give you the lasting joy and passion you want.
► Identify the one thing that causes more relationship break-ups than anything else, and make sure that it NEVER happens to you.
 Fun, practical tips for keeping the passion and romance alive.
 How to attract your dream partner into your life… and keep them there.
 How to quickly resolve conflicts and ensure disagreements never escalate into damaging fights.
 How to break though fear of commitment and learn to trust.
 How to handle anger and magically turn it into healing and love.
 How to take your sex life to a whole new level of connection and bliss.
 How to let go of everything in your past that is holding you back and start again with a clean slate.
 You will learn the most important lesson of all... namely, Self-love.
 And there’s even a special class for singles on Saturday evening when you will learn how to master the noble art of flirting!

Live Event

What you get:
 The life-changing two-day Leap Into Love weekend workshop, complete with a whole range of transformational exercises to really install this information in your hearts at the deepest level.
 A FREE signed copy of Simon’s book Leap Into Love for you to refer to whenever you need to.
 FREE 24/7 email access to our Relationship Support Hotline for 30 days after the workshop finishes so you can get immediate answers to any questions you may have during the first crucial month of your brand new life.

*  *  *

If you are in a relationship, we would like to encourage both of you to come along by offering you a substantial discount of $250 off the price of a double ticket, and also to help with babysitting costs.

Spaces for this in-depth and intimate two-day weekend workshop are strictly limited to allow for personal one-one-one attention from Simon, and all applicants are vetted to ensure a perfect mix of participants.

To avoid the dreaded "FOMO", please fill out the application form below and Simon, or one of his team, will get back to you by phone to answer all your questions and make sure this event is perfect for you... and for where you are on your life path journey right now.

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