Live Event: 'Power Selling' intensive one-day seminar for sales and business professionals


“Selling is simple. It is nothing more than the transfer of PASSION and DESIRE from one person to another.”       - Simon H Firth

A powerful, entertaining and life-changing one-day sales course!
Live EventDo you want to learn how to connect with your customers on the deepest level and influence them not just to buy your product, but to enrol their friends and business colleagues to buy from you as well?

That is the No.1 secret to sales success! And it is what you will learn at this incredibly powerful and intensive one-day sales workshop.

It’s intensive because Simon has found a way to condense 35 years of knowledge and experience into just one day, keeping the cost to a minimum.

It would be too easy to pad this material out into a two-day workshop and charge what the others are charging, well north of $2000! But our goal is to teach as many of you as possible how to become not just Power Sellers, but great communicators – and in the process raise the standard of sales excellence.

Power Selling is much more than a sales seminar. It is a fun, action-packed day that also includes FREE unlimited email access to our skills support hotline for 30 days to make sure you really install all of your new skills.

And if you prefer, we’ll even custom-design an in-house Power Selling program especially for your business.

Live Event

Why is 'Power Selling' NEW?
First and foremost, unlike the other more staid “corporate” sales training courses you will find out there, we focus on making sales FUN.

We believe when we are having fun and love what we do, we are much more effective... and when our customers are having fun, they are much more likely to buy what we are offering them.

Live EventSecond, instead of focusing on ways to “trick” your customer into buying your product or service, Power Selling teaches you how to master the art of subliminal communication, so you will be able to connect with your customer on the deepest level and discover what they REALLY want, even when they don’t know it themselves.

You will also learn how to empower yourself to perform at your peak, making you 10 times more effective in influencing others to buy you - and therefore your product or service as well.

What this means for you is that you will be able to connect with your customers on a much deeper level, quickly and easily.

And what this REALLY means for you is that you will be able to make more sales and much more money than you ever dreamed possible... and have ridiculous amounts of fun in the process.

*  *  *

What you will learn on the day:
 The 10 steps to sales mastery.
 How to answer any objection.
 How to put yourself in a peak state to perform at your best all the time.
 How to defeat call avoidance and eradicate fear of failure and rejection.
 How to use the telephone to get what you want... when you want it.
 Learn how to get past the gatekeeper and make the appointment.
 Seven easy steps to create instant and lasting rapport.
 How to write fun, original and effective phone scripts.
 How to find out what your customer wants... and what their values are.
The 12 steps to become a Master Influencer.
 How to get great referrals with every sale and eliminate buyer’s remorse.
Bonus skills: The six laws of subliminal influence.

*  *  *

What you get:
 The intensive Power Selling course containing more than 36 hours of material condensed into just one action-packed and unforgettable day.
 A FREE signed copy of Simon’s book 10 Steps To Sales Success for you to refer to whenever you need it.
 FREE 24/7 email access to our Sales Support Hotline for 30 days after the workshop finishes so you can get immediate answers to any questions you may have during the first crucial month of using your brand new sales skills.
 An embossed Advanced Sales Skills certificate for completing the course.

*  *  *

Spaces for this intensive and in-depth workshop are strictly limited to allow for personal one-one-one attention from Simon, and all applicants are vetted to ensure a perfect mix of participants on the day.

To avoid the dreaded "FOMO", please fill out the application form below today... and Simon, or one of his team, will get back to you by phone to answer all your questions and make sure this event is absolutely perfect for you, your career and your business.

(Please note: This workshop may be tax deductible.)

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If you don't agree that what you receive gives you EXACTLY what you need, we will gladly refund your money... plus you get to keep everything you bought for FREE.  That's right! You don't have to return anything!  (The reason we want you to keep your purchases is simple: we know you are on a "growth path" in this lifetime (you wouldn't be here if you weren't), which means you may pick them up again in the future - further along your path - and discover that they are, after all, perfect for you... and all that was "off" was the timing.)