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Numerology reading: Life Paths 2 and 11


The Intuitive 2 and Master Intuitive 11/2 are the most compassionate of all the Life Path Numbers. You have come into the world with an almost angelic desire to help everyone live in peace and harmony... and you will do whatever it takes to bring people together and put aside their differences.

You are governed by the element of WATER (emotion, feminine) and your astral influence is the MOON, which explains why you always feel emotions far more deeply than others

Your unparalleled sense of intuition also allows you to read people with uncanny accuracy, but this can sometimes be a double-edged sword.

In the positive, when you come from a place of LOVE, you are able to connect with almost everyone you meet. But in the negative, when you come from a place of FEAR, you can take the weight of their problems on your shoulders and wind up becoming exhausted... and even bitter and judgmental.

Your central challenge is to draw firm boundaries around your Self and realise that you can’t heal the entire world on your own. And your mantra to live by is: “The person who needs my love the most is me.”

* * *

When you order your detailed Life Path reading you will receive, via email, a lengthy extract from Simon’s book “Messages From Your Self” containing a total of 28 pages in A4 PDF format – all of them packed with life-changing information to guide you to your bliss and teach you how to work with the immensely powerful positive qualities of your Life Path Number 2 or 11.

Note: Your digital file can be read on any device, or you can print it out so you can consult your reading each time a new challenge arises for you.

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