10 STEPS TO SALES SUCCESS: Learn how to DOUBLE your income... and TRIPLE your fun! (158 pages)


How would you FEEL if you were able to persuade anyone to do almost anything you wanted them to?

Well, that is precisely what you will learn to do in 10 Steps to Sales Success... a short but extremely intensive guide book based on SImon H Firth's successful Power Selling sales-training workshops.

The focus of this book, and the workshops, is on teaching you how to bypass a person's subconscious mind and speak directly to their subconscious, where true influence takes place.

 You will master a whole range of subliminal communication techniques that hypnotists and therapists use every day.

 You will also learn how to empower your Self to perform at your peak, making you 10 times more effective in influencing others to buy both you AND your product.

What this means for you is that you will be able to connect with your customers on a much deeper level, quickly and easily.

And what this REALLY means for you is you will be able to make more sales and much more money starting immediately than you ever dreamed possible... and have massive amounts of fun in the process!

 (Paperback, 158 pages)

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