MESSAGES FROM YOUR SELF: The ultimate guide to life, the universe... and everything! (828 pages)


In his exhaustive, brand new and ground-breaking 828-page book, international numerologist and Self-help author Simon H Firth takes you on a remarkable journey of discovery inside the secret code of the universe, where you will discover how the ancient art of numerology can guide you to a life of unending bliss.

You will be astonished at how something as simple as your date of birth can reveal so much about who you are, why you are here... and how you can live the life of your dreams.

When you discover your Life Path Number, you are already well on the way to discovering who you really are, what you came here to do, what your life's highest purpose is... and how you can achieve it.

Messages From Your Self contains a massive amount of detail about each Life Path Number (up to 60 pages for each of the nine possible numbers), including:
 Precise information on the best life choices for you.
 Your best career and business paths.
 Your best relationship choices...romantically, as well as with friends and business partners.
 Your best exercise and dietary choices for optimum health and vitality.
 There is also a treasure trove of valuable information for parents to help reach, teach and nurture your children based on the unique qualities of their Life Path Number. 

Please understand that there is nothing new about numerology. It has been used by every major civilisation for the past 2500 years. But no one has ever been able to explain WHY it works. Until now.

There are already plenty of excellent books on numerology available to you, and Simon would not have spent 21 years researching and writing Messages From Your Self unless he was finally able to answer the question "Why does numerology work?", rather than just expect you to trust that it does. 

The reason will amaze you, because this controversial and often confronting book not only explains how the universe was created, it also reveals who (or, to be more accurate, "what") created it... and why.

*  *  *

This book also reveals the existence of a very real "Matrix" - just like the one in the blockbuster 1999 movie of the same name. You may not realise it, but you have been living your life as a slave, locked up in a prison that you cannot see or smell or taste or touch... because it is a prison for your mind.

Well, it's time to break free from the fear-mongering "Fat Controllers" (the politicians, the corporations and the media) and start living life on YOUR terms!

(Trade paperback, 828 pages)

Publisher's note: This special edition also contains detailed instructions for making the "Great Leap" out of fear and into love, a guide to performing your own numerology readings for your friends and loved ones... and a list of more than 250 famous people, showing how their Life Path Number contributed to their success.

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