Q:  I wish I knew what my life's Highest Purpose is.  Can you please help me find it... and live it?

A:  Yes, absolutely! The answer to this question (and every other question you have ever asked your Self) are all in Messages from your Self.  It is by far Simon's most powerful book because it really does contain the answer to every question we humans have ever pondered… including the biggest question of them all:  “Why are we here?”  (Please also check out our new range of Instantly Downloadable Personal Numerology Readings that have been extracted from the book for your convenience if you don't have time to read it all.)

  How can I be happy? Not just now and then when things go my way… but ALL THE TIME?

A:  There is only one way to do this... and that is by making the “Great Leap” out of fear and into love, where nothing and no one can ever hurt you. This process is explained in great detail in Simon’s book about Self-love called Leap Into Love.  And if you want even more information about finding your bliss, based on the astonishingly accurate ancient practice of numerology, then consider buying Messages from your Self as well to guide you on your Life Path.

  How can I create more joy and passion in my life?

A:  The answers you seek are all in Simon's relationships guidebook Leap Into Love.  And if you can also find the time to come to our Two-Day Intimate Weekend Relationships Retreat of the same name, you will learn even more practical skills to give you more joy and passion (and great sex too!) than you ever dreamed possible.

Q:  How can I improve my relationship?

A:  Surprisingly easily!  Again, Simon’s book Leap into Love and his Two-Day Relationships Weekend Retreat of the same name have all the answers.

Q:  Where and how do I find my ideal man/woman?

A:  Simon's book Leap into Love and his Two-Day Weekend Relationships Retreat of the same name are also GREAT for you singles, because they teach you, step by step, how to attract your dream partner into your life… and keep them there!

Q:  How can I make more money?

A:  If you are in sales or in business, choose Simon’s book 10 Steps to Sales Success.  It’s a small, entertaining and easy-to-read book... and we guarantee it is the simplest and most effective sales training course on the market, or your money back.  And if you can, sign up for Simon's intensive one-day sales seminar called Power Selling to really turbocharge your financial success!

  How can I take my business to the next level?

A:  Every person and every business (including you, and yours) is selling something – whether it’s a product, a service or an experience. Simon's book 10 Steps to Sales Success will transform the amount of sales you make... or your money back!  And his intensive one-day Power Selling and Effective Communication business workshops are guaranteed to leapfrog you above ALL your competitors.

How can I have more confidence?

A:  By having no fear! If that sounds simple, it’s because it is. The answers you seek are all in Simon’s small but immensely powerful book 10 Steps to Break Through Fear.  And, if you can, please find time to attend his hugely enjoyable introductory evening seminar called Break Through to Ultimate Success

  How can I quit my job and turn my dream life into my REAL life?

A:  We suggest you start with the book 10 Steps to Break Through Fear, and then move on to Messages from your Self.  Every person we know who has read these two books – and applied what they have learned – is now working for themselves and doing what they love.

  How can I lose weight and enjoy the process?

A:  First of all by real-eyesing that that diets don’t work!  The only way to make any lasting change to our personal habits is to conquer our fear of “not being good enough” that caused us to develop the negative habits in the first place.  The answers are all there in Simon’s books 10 Steps to Break Through Fear and Messages from your Self, as well as his two-hour evening seminar Break Through to Ultimate Success.

  How can I break free from my addictions?

A:  The only reason you have an addiction is because at some level you are afraid to let go of your “prop” – be it drugs, alcohol, smoking, sex, exercise, body image obsession, or the most common addiction of all… procrastination.  Simon's book 10 Steps to Break Through Fear and his two-hour evening seminar Break Through to Ultimate Success take you step by step through 10 powerful techniques to help you break through all of your limiting beliefs about who you THINK you are... and what you THINK you are capable of achieving!

Q:  How can I give my child the best start in life? 

A:  Simple!  By teaching them the most important skill it is possible to learn - and yet, astonishingly, it isn’t taught in schools or university... namely, communication.   Simon’s book How to Raise a Happy Child - and his One-Day Workshop of the same name - are a must for parents with children of all ages (0-18). And best of all, not only will you raise a happy child... you will learn how to make your Self happy too!

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Q:  Who, or what, is “God”?

A:  Simon's newest and most powerful book Messages from your Self explains in great detail who, or what, "God" is (although we prefer the title "the Source" to avoid any inter-denominational and misogynistic unpleasantries).  Messages from your Self also contains the answers to every other "Big Picture" existential question you have ever asked your Self.

Q:  Why are we here? I mean, what is the point of it all?

A:  The answer to this “mother and father of all questions” is also contained in Messages from your Self.  When you discover the “why”, all your other questions will be answered too.

*  *  *



Q:  Can I get my money back if I feel I am not yet ready to make the change, or if the book, download or live event doesn’t quite gel with me?

A:  Yes, absolutely!  Full details of our 100 per cent money-back guarantee are available HERE.

Q:  Can I contact you if I have any questions about the information contained in my book(s)?

A:  Yes, please do!  We are 100 per cent committed to helping you overcome all your fears and learn the skills necessary to make your dreams come true.  This means we are with you throughout your journey, and our relationship does not end after you have bought our products.  Simply email your question to us and we will reply as quickly as possible. (Please bear in mind that, due to the life-changing nature of all our products, we do get quite a few questions requesting help with some of the more challenging information, so it may take a day or two before we are able to respond. Thank you so much in advance for your patience.)

Q:  Can you guarantee that if I apply what I learn from your products, my life will change radically for the better in all areas?

A:  Yes!  This information, if properly applied, works every time.  No exceptions.

Q:  Can I get great big juicy discounts on bulk orders for my family and friends?

A:  Absolutely!  Again, please email us and we will give you a fantastic deal on bulk orders because we want this life-changing (and planet-saving!) information to get out to as many people as possible.

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FAQsQ:  I love animals and it breaks my heart to think about all the dogs and cats languishing in pet pound cages for want of a happy, loving home. How can I help?

A:  Bless you!  We feel exactly the same way... which is why all the proceeds from the sale of Simon’s most emotional and personal book to date, Lessons from Tyson, go to animal rescue charities to help find safe and loving homes for as many of our beautiful furry friends as possible.

It’s only a small book, so it can be devoured in one sitting. But we guarantee the story of Simon’s miracle-working rescue dog Tyson will leave a lasting impression on you.

Oh... and please make sure that as many of your family and friends as possible sign up for our free weekly "Breakfast for your Mind" newsletter (details at the bottom of this page), because for every person who signs up, we donate $1 to the RSPCA and other shelters to find homes for abandoned pets.

(Please note that we promise NEVER to spam you after you sign up.  You will get our inspirational newsletter once a week on Monday morning - or perhaps on Sunday night, depending on your global time zone - to put you in a great frame of mind for the week ahead.  And that's all!  You will receive no pushy sales pitches.  No crass special offers. Just uplifting and transformational information... and probably a few cute animal videos as well! :-) 

Q:  What about all the other animals in the world that need our help to stay alive?

A:  Don't worry, we've got that covered too.  Simon Firth Seminars donates 10 per cent of all our gross income (not just the profit) to the Worldwide Fund for Nature (formerly World Wildlife Fund) to help save endangered wildlife and their habitats across the world.

This means that for every $10 you spend with us, we donate $1 to this extremely worthy charity... which is very close to Simon's heart and was co-founded by a close friend of Simon's late father in the early 1960s.


If you don't agree that what you receive gives you EXACTLY what you need, we will gladly refund your money... plus you get to keep everything you bought for FREE.  That's right! You don't have to return anything!  (The reason we want you to keep your purchases is simple: we know you are on a "growth path" in this lifetime (you wouldn't be here if you weren't), which means you may pick them up again in the future - further along your path - and discover that they are, after all, perfect for you... and all that was "off" was the timing.)