10 STEPS TO BREAK THROUGH FEAR: How to have, do and be anything you want! (126 pages)


Do you realise ("real-eyes") that there is only ONE thing standing between where you are now and where you want your dream life to be?

And it’s not that you are too young, or too old, or you can't afford it, or you are too busy… or any other excuse you might try to tell your Self.

 It’s FEAR!  Pure and simple.

“10 Steps To Break Through Fear” will open your "real eyes" to the truth of who you are, and why you are here in this lifetime. And without spoiling the surprise, you are much more powerful and far more wondrous than you can possibly imagine!

In this little book that packs a BIG punch, Simon H Firth takes you step by step through 10 simple but remarkably effective techniques to help you break through all your limiting beliefs about who you THINK you are and what you THINK you are capable of achieving.

When you real-eyes the truth – that fear is nothing more than an illusion (False Evidence Appearing Real) – everything in your life changes:

You are free to HAVE everything you have ever wanted to have.
You are free to DO everything you have ever wanted to do.
You are free to start your business, start your family, take that course, take that trip, take your job and tell your boss to shove it so you can find a better one... somewhere you will be appreciated.
You are free to ask them out... or commit... or leave.
You are free from all your worries. Your weight falls off. Your stress is gone. Your addictions are gone. Your money troubles are gone. All of it is GONE.
Above all you are free (at last!) to go after your dreams because your "real eyes" will open and you will see - for the first time - that there is NOTHING standing between you and your dreams… and there never was.

It's time to take control of your destiny!
Please don't tell your Self that you are "too busy" to read a small book. Too busy doing WHAT exactly? This is your LIFE we're talking about!

So please, do what I did. Make the time - right now - to turn your dream life into your REAL life...


(Paperback, 126 pages)

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