HOW TO RAISE A HAPPY CHILD: And make sure they get the absolute best start in life! (374 pages)


Do you know the No 1 secret to success and happiness in EVERY area of our life?

It's not how hard we work. Or how much we learn. Or even how determined we are.

It’s communication!

Our ability to express our innermost feelings and desires has more of an impact on our level of joy, success, connection and happiness than anything else we do.

And this is especially true for children

There is not a parent in the world who doesn’t wish they could reach their child on a deeper level. And there is not a child in the world who doesn’t wish they could be better understood.

Well, all of your wishes are about to come true!

In this unique parental guide book, international communication expert Simon H Firth will teach you how to become a Master Communicator using advanced subliminal techniques that have been pioneered by hypnotists and therapists.

In Part One you will learn how to REACH your child at the deepest level.
In Part Two you will learn how to TEACH your child to grow up to become a Master Communicator too.

This is the most valuable skill your child will ever learn in every area of their life. And it is up to you to teach them because - astonishingly - it is not taught in school, or in college!

They will be able to express themselves truthfully, passionately and CONFIDENTLY.
They will be able to EXCEL at school and be SUCCESSFUL in their chosen career.
They will be able to influence anyone to do almost ANYTHING they want them to do.
They will be able to enjoy a blissful, unconditional and LASTING loving relationship.
Above all, they will grow up to become optimistic and HAPPY adults.

Please decide to give these gifts to your child. And know that if you don't, no one else will... because these skills simply aren't being taught anywhere else.

I hope passionately that one day soon they will be taught in schools.

But for now it is up to YOU to learn them from this book... and then pass them on to your children.


(Trade paperback, 374 pages)

(Publisher's note: This special extended edition of How To Raise A Happy Child also includes detailed astrology and numerology guides to your child's personality that have been specifically designed to help you connect with them on an even deeper level.)

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