LEAP INTO LOVE: Discover how to create deep and LASTING love and passion in your life! (350 pages)


“Leap into Love” is much more than just another guide book on how to manifest your ideal loving relationship. Based on Simon H Firth's popular relationships workshop of the same name, it takes the form of a four-week course - one chapter for each day (with weekends off!) - in which you will learn how to create a blissfully close and loving relationship with your partner by making the "Great Leap" out of your ego (separation and fear) and into your heart (Self-love).

This book is also perfect for singles because you will learn how to attract your dream partner into your life… and keep them there.

You will also learn why relationships are so important to your personal, emotional and spiritual growth.
You will discover there are four different types of relationship, but only one that can give you LASTING love and happiness.
You will learn a wide range of advanced communication skills to resolve conflicts, create harmony and connect on the deepest level.
You will discover the exquisite ecstasy of DIVINE SEX.
And above all you will learn how to create a loving relationship with the one person in your life who needs your love the most… YOU.

This book is the culmination of everything Simon knows about love, Self-love and relationships after a lifetime studying why we have them, what makes them work – or not – and how we can turn them into the deep, passionate connections we all want them to be.

It is subtitled "A Course in Creating Miracles" because when you make the Great Leap into your heart, you will finally be able to experience the miracles of LASTING love, peace, harmony and passion that we all crave.

(Trade paperback, 350 pages)

Publisher's note: This special extended edition of Leap Into Love also includes detailed astrology and numerology guides to your partner's personality that have been specifically designed to help you connect with them on an even deeper level.

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