Live Event: 'Break Through to Ultimate Success' evening seminar (between two and three hours)


“If you think there is a wall in front of you standing between you and your dreams, rest assured… THERE IS NO WALL.”       - Simon H Firth

Turn your dream life into your REAL life… in just one evening!
There is only one thing stopping you from having everything you want. And it’s not that you are too old, or too young, or too busy. Or too tall, or too short, or too busy. Or too poor, or too thin, or too fat. Or too busy!

It's fear!
- Fear of stepping outside your comfort zone.
- Fear of what it will cost you.
- Fear of what you will have to give up.
Fear of rejection, or failure.
Even fear of success!


Fear is the “imaginary wall” that stands between where you are now and where you want your life to be. But the truth is… THERE IS NO WALL because fear is not real. It is a phantom that, when faced, disappears like a puff of smoke on a windy day.

You may feel you already know this. But unless your life is exactly where you want it to be, you have fallen into the trap of believing that knowledge is power.

It isn’t. ACTION is power! Which is why in this transformational evening seminar you will learn EXACTLY what action to take to smash through your “wall” enough times for you to realise that it isn’t there.

And it never was!

Live Event

Change your whole life... in just TWO HOURS! 

This short evening seminar is actually one of the most powerful courses that we offer, because when you master your fears you will realise there is NOTHING stopping you from having EVERYTHING you want.

You will learn 10 simple but incredibly effective ways to rid your Self of all your fears and limiting beliefs about who you think you are and what you think you are capable of achieving.

And the evening ends with a guided meditation, during which you literally go into your brain and reprogram the voice in your head to say “Yes, I can!”

So that leaves you with just one question:
Can you take just TWO hours out of ONE evening on ONE day of your life to change the rest of your life FOR EVER?

Live Event

What you will learn on the night:
 The 10 essential steps to tap into your inner strength.
 How to break free of all your limiting beliefs.
 Powerful techniques to put your Self in a peak state.
 How to expand your comfort zone and live without fear.
 How to banish the 'Evil Twins' — Fear of Failure and Fear of Rejection.
 The one quality that defeats fear (and no... it’s not courage).
 How to live in the moment all the time.
 Why the “three-second rule” is the secret to success in all areas.
 How to silence the critic in your head and literally reprogram your brain to go after your dreams and have no fear.
 Why Self-esteem is for amateurs and doesn’t work.
 How to free your Self from ALL your negative addictions... for ever.

*  *  *

Spaces for this intimate workshop are strictly limited to allow for personal one-one-one attention from Simon, and all applicants are vetted to ensure a perfect mix of participants on the evening.

To avoid the dreaded "FOMO", please fill out the application form below and Simon, or one of his team, will get back to you by phone to answer all your questions and make sure this event is perfect for you... and for where you are on your life path journey right now.

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