Numerology reading: Life Path 9


THE worldly and humanitarian Teacher 9 is the most evolved and insightful of all the Life Path Numbers. You have arrived at the end of a Spiritual Growth Cycle (1 to 9), and you have come here to integrate and teach the lessons of the previous eight Life Paths.

This is no small task. But while the other numbers are governed by just one of the four elements – fire (1 and 5), water (2 and 6), air (3 and 7) and earth (4 and 8), you enjoy the support and influence of ALL FOUR elements at once.

And with MARS (passion) as your guiding planet, you are more than adequately equipped to step up to the challenge.

In the positive – when you come from a place of LOVE – you will take your message of divine spiritual truth out into the world. And because this is the number of integrity as well as integration, you won’t teach the truth from behind a desk… you will teach it by example.

(There are no better examples of positive Teachers than Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa, both of whom were massively influential 9s.) 

In the negative – when you come from a place of FEAR – you may become stuck in your formidable ego, casting judgment on everyone around you and imposing your will on others, even when it is not welcome.

Your highest purpose is to be a role model for peace, truth and love and to fight for freedom and justice wherever you find oppression or discrimination. No pressure!

Your central challenge is to realise that everyone is different and perfect just as they are, and your mantra to live by is: “Love is all there is.”

* * *

When you order your detailed Life Path reading you will receive, via email, a lengthy extract from Simon’s book “Messages From Your Self” containing a total of 26 pages in A4 PDF format – all of them packed with life-changing information to guide you to your bliss and teach you how to work with the immensely powerful positive qualities of your Life Path Number 9.

Note: Your digital file can be read on any device, or you can print it out so you can consult your reading each time a new challenge arises for you.

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