Numerology reading: Life Paths 8 and 44


The Achiever 8 and Master Achiever 44/8 are the most ambitious and materially focused of all the Life Path Numbers. You are determined, practical and resourceful and have come here to manifest abundance of all kinds – not just financially but in terms of power, status, popularity and influence as well.

Your Life Path is governed by the element of EARTH (practicality, feminine), which means that – like Mother Earth – you are able to grow great things from the smallest of seeds, including successful businesses, healthy bank balances, close friendships and passionate relationships.

But this number is also governed by the planet SATURN (karma), which represents the law of cause and effect… so be warned: if you do others wrong on your path to the top, you will have to face the painful consequences.

In the positive – when you come from a place of LOVE – you are blessed with a strong work ethic and have an uncanny ability to rally others to your cause (this is especially true of Master Achiever 44s.)

But in the negative – when you come from a place of FEAR – you may be tempted to use your powerful personality to dominate others and subjugate them to your will.

Your life’s highest purpose is to teach, by example, that the world is infinitely abundant and there is more than enough to go around.

In achieving this, your central challenge will be to reject the “Scrooge path” and freely share the fruits of your labours with others in need. And your mantra to live by is: “We are all on this journey together.”

* * *

When you order your detailed Life Path reading you will receive, via email, a lengthy extract from Simon’s book “Messages From Your Self” containing a total of 28 pages in A4 PDF format – all of them packed with life-changing information to guide you to your bliss and teach you how to work with the immensely powerful positive qualities of your Life Path Number 8 or 44.

Note: Your digital file can be read on any device, or you can print it out so you can consult your reading each time a new challenge arises for you.

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